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Nick Gustafson

Nick Gustafson

Forest Grove, OR


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According to my mom, I made my first mural on our hallway wall when I was about one and a half years old with a brown crayon and have been creating art ever since. I like to paint wildlife and nature with acrylics and watercolors and draw with prisma color pencils, and with pen and ink. I also like to do nature and wildlife photography. My family is a major source of inspiration and encouragement for my artwork, I could not do it without them. I have had the privilege to have shown my art work in Oregon, Washington, California, and Arizona. I have also donated artwork to the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, Triple "L" Horse Rescue, and to the Save the Frogs! organization. All images are the copy write property of Nick Gustafson

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Blues Tree Cats


Celestial Rainbow Cat


Blue Ghost Cat


Night Watcher


Three of a Kind Kitties


Golden Frog Pink Flower


Fluffy Rainbow Cat


Teal Frog and Purple Flower


Meowing at Midnight


Rainbow Speckled Egg


Painted Pup 2


Painted Pup


Swinging thru Rainbows


Star Gazing Cat


Rainbow Calico


Who Me?


Happy Frog Meadows


Another CATastrophy


Rainbow Painted Tiger Cat




Happy Spotted Frog


Paint Can Cat Too


Peace Heart Night


Much More Midnight Meowing


Two of Hearts